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Sublimation printing uses heat to fuse ink and surface material or fabric, depending on the case. The inks used in the sublimation process turn into gas when brought under heat, then combine with the textile and permanently imprint onto the fabric. The result is permanent and significantly less prone to fading, as the ink penetrates the material instead of simply laying on top like a regular print.

Direct to Film (DTF) printing is an innovative and versatile printing technology that has been making waves in the textile industry. DTF printing is a digital printing technique that involves printing a design onto a specialized PET film and then transferring it to a fabric or other substrates using heat and pressure. Unlike Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, which prints directly onto the fabric, DTF printing allows for greater flexibility in substrates and produces more vibrant and intricate designs.

A white toner printer is a type of printer that uses special toner that contains a white pigment, in addition to traditional cyan, magenta, yellow,
and black (CMYK) toners. This allows the printer to print designs that include white text or images on colored or dark-colored materials. White toner printers are widely used for printing with transfer papers, as they can print white designs on the transfer paper and then use heat press to apply the design onto textiles, ceramic, metal, and other substrates.

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